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I did it again.

Now I'm writing this post through Shiretoko 3.5.7 (also known as Firefox in some other distributions). There is no any way to write in russian yet. And there is no GNOME yet :) Its downloading now. You can ask: how did you manage to start Firefox without GNOME? Dont be afraid, I'm not using KDE. I'm in xterm now, its awful (like my english :)).

Firstly, Arch almost have win in battle with me - when I started Xorg, there were no keyboard and mouse input events, and all my attempt to do anything useful with xorg.conf failed. But - as you can see - I have won! I started X server without xorg.conf, using only HAL daemon. Mouse, keyboard and (approximately) best screen resolution detected automatically. I just restarted HAL to make it work.

Oh... GNOME is downloading. 478 mb at 100 kbps fucked MGTS ADSL modem. Shit.
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Recent Posts from This Journal